Carry less, feel more

Summer of 2020 has been quite difficult for the biggest part of the world and I am no exception.
However, amongst life’s ups & downs I was lucky enough to spend some days on the beautiful Cycladic island of Serifos, which I hadn’t visited in years. I traveled light, stayed on a magnificent traditional house, ate tons of fresh vegetables and fish, swam a lot and felt grounded.

I’m very sensitive in matters of sustainability and respect of nature, so I am thrilled to have discovered
Anaskela eco-friendly microfibre beach towels, made of plastic bottles (six bottles each, to be more specific!).
They are extremely lightweight, dry fast between your dives and have a sand-free texture.
I took three from the Geometria collection with me, slept on them, wrapped them around my body and that was all I needed to have during those days spent under the sun.
Check Anaskela beautiful and ethical collection of patterns and you can thank me later, when you realise you don’t have to carry around a heavy bag full of towels ever again.

Buy better, buy less.

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Summer greetings

During my annual date with Tinos:

Swiming and eating was my daily routine.
My boys were the best fellow travelers I could ever ask.
Tinos offers some of the most beautiful beaches in Greece (if not in the whole world).
It was very windy -it always is.
The sunset photo was taken at Triantaros village.
All pareos and scarfs featured here are from TE.Pareo.
Try the local cheese/honey/figs -I ate tons of them and still fitted in my 50s high waisted bikinis (obsession is the right word to use). Try fish soup at Maistros tavern at Panormos, local delicacies at Eleni at Triantaros and all you can eat at Thalassaki, Isternia bay.
The boys fished 4 kg of fish. That’s what boys do. ysmf.windy ysmf.apigania.tinos ysmf.apigania.lbeach.tinos ysmf.shadow ysmf.ancient.spring.triantaros ysmf.volax.village.tinos ysmf.tinos.beach ysmf.kionia.beach.tinos ysmf.panos ysmf.aspros.yalos.tinos ysmf.vasilisysmf.sunset.triantaros.tinos ysmf.kolimpithra.beach.tinos ysmf.aspros.yalos.tinos.2 ysmf.high.waisted.bikini.bottom