Magic Athens

What is the link between chocolate and fashion?

Greek fashion designer Dimitris Petrou has been chosen as the ambassador to represent Greece in Cannes and celebrate the 25 year anniversary of “Magic” by Algida, one of the most popular ice creams worldwide. For this special occasion Dimitris Petrou designed an haute couture silk dress, inspired by the curves, the chocolate and the layers of a classic Magic ice cream, which will be sent in Cannes this summer, especially for an international 25-year celebration event.

The dress is ethereal and has a grecian touch. It is made of brown, creme and mocha pleated silk and is finished with a golden-lace belt. Couldn’t think of anything more appropriate.

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Fashion Room Service XXL

The biggest FRS so far took place in several buildings of Athens, including the lately renewed Grecotel boutique Hotel “Pallas Athena” and Fashion Workshop by Vicky Kaya.

The highlights:
The rooms and suites of Pallas Athena look gorgeous and youthful, with graffitis and art pieces all around and in every single room. Suite “Octopussy” is definitely my favorite.
The knits of Pepper Vally made by greek organic cotton and wool.
The sunglasses of Deepshallowexposition with round lenses and their debut collection of bangles and cuffs.
The summer collection of V Society and especially the silk dresses.
The perforated leather skirts of Anna Veneti.
The DeuxHommes, Somf and Atelier Loukia installations at Fashion Workshop Building II were a smash hit.

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Prada Graffiti

Prada “Graffiti” is a playful capsule collection of ready-to-wear garments and accessories that mix contrasting and loud colors. A selection that speaks through images from the muralists, mixing them up and reinterpreting them to explore the many facets of femininity.

On sale from April, offering a range of styles in cotton teamed with suede sandals.

ysmf.Prada.Spring.Graffiti.collection.2014 ysmf.Prada.Spring.Graffiti.collection.2014.1 ysmf.Prada.Spring.Graffiti.collection.2014.2

The kimono

Oh that kimono.
I’d been long waiting to obtain this graphic organza fringed masterpiece by V Society, one of the best pieces for summer and forever. I dreamed about throwing it over my bathing suit during the easy days of August, right before the sunset. But for now I opted for a rather evening look, over a soft long Humanoid dress, with a belt or maybe without.
One of a kind, right.
ysmf.despina.isopoulou.v.society.fringe.kimonoysmf.despina.isopoulou.v.society.fringe.kimono.2ysmf.despina.isopoulou.v.society.fringe.kimono.4ysmf.despina.isopoulou.v.society.fringe.kimono.3ysmf.despina.isopoulou.v.society.fringe.kimono.back ysmf.despina.isopoulou.v.society.fringe.kimono.back.2 ysmf.despina.isopoulou.v.society.fringe.kimono.detail

V Society eshop will launch in about a week, where the whole collection will be available to purchase.

Ariane Labed for Yannis Sergakis

Greek-born french beauty and well-known actress Ariane Labed stars in the new series of images of one of my favorite jewelry designers, Yannis Sergakis. The shooting took place in Athens a couple of months ago and taking care of the styling of the campaign was such an amazing thing for me to do. Thanks to a fantastic team the photo shoot looks great, resembling scenes of an atmospheric film and Ariane shines in all her earthy beauty.

Below you can find some backstage images (remember part I ?) plus a mini interview of Ariane Labed exclusively for Youstrikemyfancy.

Many thanks to all the crew and especially George Anthoulakis and Yannis Sergakis.






What intrigued you in Yannis Sergakis’ proposition to be the face of his new collection? What made you say yes?


“Τhe truth is that I wasn’t that excited in the beginning, since I don’t like being exposed as “Ariane”, without having a role to play. However, I loved Yannis’ jewelry collection. And I also loved the idea of being part of a promising greek brand. I truly believe that there are numerous talented people in Greece and I want to support them as much as I can.”


Talk to us a bit about the photoshoot, what dis tou enjoy the most?

“The whole team was great. We moved around Athens in several locations, and although I was in town for just a couple of days, I had the chance to see so many different things and the city that I absolutely love.







You live in London but you travel all over Europe quite often. What is the feedback that you get regarding greek artists? Are greek makers known abroad?

“Most people think I’m Greek so they often come and talk to me about Greece and I absolutely love it! French are very fond of Greece -although I cannot say the same thing for others. People talk to me about the movies that I’ve done here (Attenberg, Alps and the Capsule) and about my team ‘Vasistas’. There’s a huge interest about what goes on artistically in Greece.”

You have received many Best Actress awards up to now (Best Actress – 67th Venice International Film Festival, Best Actress – Angers European First Film Festival, Best Actress – Hellenic Film Academy 2011). What makes an actress “the best”?

“I have no idea. There’s no such thing. An award is a reward for a job you’ve done. And, in addition, it is completely subjective.”

What is your relationship with fashion? Is there any meeting point between fashion and your work?

“I don’t have much to do with fashion. I like clothes and certain designers (like my good friend Marios Schwab), but fashion seems a crazy world to me. Costumes always help me sink into a character. They always change your walk, the way you stand and sit. It is a very creative process.”

Sotiris Georgiou Summer 2014

“Complexity is Simplicity” is the name of the Spring-Summer 2014 collection of Sotiris Georgiou, aiming to state a game based on fashion maths. Adding and subtracting on the same garment. The balance between all the information gathered, minus the minimal frame. Clustered pleats fold and unfold in monochrome, a busy front equals a quiet back and vise versa.

I tried on all my favorite pieces  and if it was in mind hand, I’d wear the men collection too.





ysmf.sotiris.georgious.summer.2014.white.dress ysmf.sotiris.georgious.summer.2014.2 ysmf.sotiris.georgious.summer.2014.5 ysmf.sotiris.georgious.summer.2014.6 ysmf.sotiris.georgious.summer.2014.4 ysmf.sotiris.georgious.summer.2014.7 ysmf.sotiris.georgiou.summer.2014.mens.collection.2 ysmf.sotiris.georgious.summer.2014.mens.collection