Tommy does Caribbean

Pineapples, parrots and paradise!
Tommy Hilfiger took us on a trip to the Caribbean with his Summer 2016 collection for some much needed mid-February island-hopping in a world of fantasy. The new collection lands in shops this month and I’m really looking forward to put my hands on this silk check blouse below or the navy cotton jacket from his denim collection.
ysmf.tommy.hilfiger.summer.2016.crochet.swimsuit ysmf.tommy.hilfiger.summer.2016.pineapple.shirt ysmf.tommy.hilfiger.summer.2016.crochet.dress ysmf.tommy.hilfiger.summer.2016.check.shirtysmf.tommy.hilfiger.summer.2016.striped.dress ysmf.tommy.hilfiger.summer.2016.1


Hilfiger’s Endless Summer

This time Tommy Hilfiger took me by surprise. I was magnetized by the color and fabric combinations -the best sporty chic I’ve seen in a while. According to the designer, “East Coast heritage meets West Coast attitude”.

ysmf.tommy.hilfiger.ss2014.1 ysmf.tommy.hilfiger.ss2014.2 ysmf.tommy.hilfiger.ss2014.3 ysmf.tommy.hilfiger.ss2014.5Image ysmf.tommy.hilfiger.ss2014.6 ysmf.tommy.hilfiger.ss2014.7 ysmf.tommy.hilfiger.ss2014.8 ysmf.tommy.hilfiger.ss2014.9Image ysmf.tommy.hilfiger.ss2014.10 ysmf.tommy.hilfiger.ss2014.12 ysmf.tommy.hilfiger.ss2014.13ysmf.tommy.hilfiger.ss2014.14Image