YSMF Style: The new hem height

When it comes to the skirts of the season, the new height of the hem in the middle of the leg is not always, let’s say, flattering when you’re shorter than 1,70. However, if you emphasize on the waist you can pull off the look gracefully and feel at your best. Some heel, from kitten to chunky high-heels, is much needed.
Turtleneck with long sleeves (I love that detail) and satin skirt all by Yiorgos Eleftheriades YESymphony.
Pumps H&M. Must-have accessory for a turtleneck: gold hoops earrings.
Photo: Ioanna Chatziandreou

ysmf.yesymphony.turtleneck.satin.skirt ysmf.yesymphony.turtle.neck.satin.skirt ysmf.yesymphony.turtleneck.white ysmf.yesymphony.white.turtleneck ysmf.hm.gold.kitten.heel.pumpsysmf.turtleneck.satin.skirt.by.eleftheriades.yesymphony


YSMF Style: Plissé Soleil

Two pieces, one soul.
A black mesh dress worn under an asymmetrical -and utterly graceful- pleated dress, sets out to be a wardrobe winner. The covetable take on the -formerly strict- pinstripe makes it perfect for transitioning into fall. Both pieces by my favourite Greek designer duo DeuxHommes.
A final touch of velvet in ruby red offers an ultra-alluring appeal.
Velvet pumps
by Castañer, available also at D Fashion Stores.
On the lips, Amorous Rose Twist Matte lipstick by Korres.

Photo: Ioanna Chatziandreou

ysmf.deuxhommes.mesh.pleated.dress ysmf.deuxhommes.striped.asymetric.dressysmf.deuxhommes.mesh.striped.pleated.dress