Sotiris Georgiou Summer 2014

“Complexity is Simplicity” is the name of the Spring-Summer 2014 collection of Sotiris Georgiou, aiming to state a game based on fashion maths. Adding and subtracting on the same garment. The balance between all the information gathered, minus the minimal frame. Clustered pleats fold and unfold in monochrome, a busy front equals a quiet back and vise versa.

I tried on all my favorite pieces  and if it was in mind hand, I’d wear the men collection too.





ysmf.sotiris.georgious.summer.2014.white.dress ysmf.sotiris.georgious.summer.2014.2 ysmf.sotiris.georgious.summer.2014.5 ysmf.sotiris.georgious.summer.2014.6 ysmf.sotiris.georgious.summer.2014.4 ysmf.sotiris.georgious.summer.2014.7 ysmf.sotiris.georgiou.summer.2014.mens.collection.2 ysmf.sotiris.georgious.summer.2014.mens.collection


Backstage: Madwalk 2013

Fashion designers. stylists, make up artists, photographers, singers and dancers, in a Madwalk frenzy last night. Here I present you backstage photos of the participants at this year’s Madwalk, Dimitris Petrou, NatarGeorgiou, DeuxHommes, Sotiris Georgiou, Madame Shoushou, Stelios Koudounaris, Apostolos Mitropoulos with the jewelry of Mimika Ciboyianni and Konstantinos Melis by Laskos. More to follow pretty soon, plus a special feature of DeuxHommes, whom I had the luck to follow step by step during the preparation.

P4171170 ysmf.madwalk.2013.backstage.2 ysmf.madwalk.2013.backstage.4 ysmf.madwalk.2013.backstage.madame.shoushou ysmf.madwalk.2013.backstage ysmf.madwalk.2013.backstage.dimitris.petrou ysmf.madwalk.2013.backstage.petrou.alexandrou ysmf.madwalk.2013.backstage.makeupysmf.madwalk.2013.backstage.stelios.koudounaris.2 ysmf.madwalk.2013.backstage.sotiris.georgiou ysmf.madwalk.2013.backstage.5 ysmf.madwalk.2013.backstage.koudounaris ysmf.madwalk.2013.backstage.stelios.koudounaris ysmf.madwalk.2013.backstage.3 ysmf.madwalk.2013.backstage.natar.georgiou ysmf.madwalk.2013.backstage.mimika.ciboyianni ysmf.madwalk.2013.backstage.natar.georgiou.2 ysmf.madwalk.2013.backstage.dimitris.petrou.4 ysmf.madwalk.2013.backstage.dimitris.petrou2 ysmf.madwalk.2013.backstage.kaplanidis.petrou ysmf.madwalk.2013.backstage.celine ysmf.deuxhommes.for.madwalk.backstage.15 ysmf.madwalk.2013.backstage.pandos ysmf.deuxhommes.for.madwalk.backstage.16


Use&Diffuse at TR2

Fashion Director of Vogue Hellas Michael Pandos, in coordination with George C.Carabellas, owner of TR2 concept boutique, curated the creation of a capsule collection by five Greek designers. The result is a limited edition of unisex pieces (in consumer-fiendly prices), with the signature of some of the best names in greek fashion (Sotiris Georgiou, Dimitris Petrou, Katerina Psoma, Stathis Samantas and Chris P.), and it was presented yesterday at TR2 The Kolonaki edition, in another “Dolce Far Niente” Wednesday.


in Paris

The good life.

I just got these photos from Dimitra Spiropoulou, demonstrating the great time we all had in Paris

during fashion week last year.

You can also say she made her own street style series, with us as main feature.



saturday noon at the studio of Sotiris Georgiou for a fitting at my new cape jacket *wide smile* while checking his summer collection – it’s spring anyway, although the weather says the opposite


backstage: “Multidimensional” by Sotiris Georgiou

when Sotiris Georgiou asked me to participate in his fashion show, the smartphone couldn’t imprint the terror in my eyes, even though his proposal was followed by all the necessary information, such as that it was all about a bunch of friends who Sotiris would love to see them walking casualy in his clothes. it was tricky.

i accepted for Sotiris and for expanding my personal limits, which are very short, taking into consideration that i’m one of those who’re not able to answer not even to the simplest research on the streets that consists of a microphone-camera combination.

i said what the hell, at least i’ll have something to tell to my grandchildren (“and this is where granny fell of her platforms on the catwalk and Heidi Klum Nicholas Villiotis stepped over her”).

Yesterday it was too late to cancel and today after the hair & make up preparation having the word STRESS written on my forehead in bold comic sans, Sotiris asked his styling director Christos Alexandropoulos to keep an eye on me and prevent a possible getaway.

enough said about me and my phobias. Sotiris and his team did a really good job, loved the long shirts and the capes and the vests and all the menswear. we had a wonderful time, all the girls and boys i met were very sweet and supporting each other until that dreadful personality test was over. i want to specially thank my sweetheart Christos who was answering patiently every time i called his name (about eighty times) and pulled me all together when my heart instantly stopped.