Dreams made of MilkWhite

As a brunette I have a thing with red. I can’t control it, it just happens to me. And I, sincerely, cannot get over this piece, a satin midi dress by MilkWhite in scarlet red. Make yourself a favour and check their smashing collection herethat dress is a bright example of what to expect (MY GOD that baby blue swallows suit!)

Here paired with bubblegum pink sock boots, cause pink+red is everything, right?

Photo: Ioanna Chatziandreou
ysmf.milkwhite.red.satin.dress ysmf.pink.sock.thigh.bootsysmf.milkwhite.red.satin.dress.4


YSMF Style: Volume

Between statement shirts and statement pants, I choose both.
The blouse is by Ioli Duro and the trousers by Connie Papadopoulou, two young designers that graduated this year from Fashion Workshop Mod’ Art International. Great work, right?
ysmf.ioli.duro.connie.papadopoulou ysmf.ioli.duro.connie.papadopoulou.2