Scoot over!

Being a fan of Stokke even before I got pregnant, I couldn’t be happier for what strolled at my doorstep.
The new Stokke® Scoot stroller with its smart engineering is ideal both for excursions and the busy, unfriendly streets of Athens where you actually need superpowers to manoeuvre a stroller with a baby in it.
Nevertheless, what I love most about it is the compact folding (in contrast to strollers where you have to detach the seat every time you want to fold it and store it or put it in the trunk of your car) and the height of the seat that allows you to double, triple and quadruple check on your child or give him a smile.
On top of that, you can style your pram with the new limited edition style kits!
Inspired by the traditional colours of vintage European race cars, the colours are referencing the spirit of classic racing heritage. The kit includes a hood with visor, a sporty padded seat inlay and a shopping bag for the parent.
I opted for racing blue.

Photo: Ioanna Chatziandreou



YSMF Style: Snowflakes on Glitter

We started taking these pictures with photographer Ioanna Chatziandreou right when the snow begun to fall. Timing is everything, right. Loved the combination of moody grey with a pair of cropped pants and
the sparkle of some glitter (pimped my shoes with snowflakes yo).
Cashmere mens jumper by Benetton (yes sometimes I shop from the men’s department). Boyfriend wool coat by Clotho. Wool wrap by Anamesa Concept Spot. Glitter boots Bianca Di. On the lips Korres Morello “Burgundy 59”.
ysmf.clotho.oversized.coat ysmf.grey.clotho.boyfriend.coat ysmf.korres.morello.burgundy.lipstick


YSMF Style: Cropped & boyish

If you’re fashion-sensitive the most common wardrobe fear when you first get pregnant is that you will have to abandon your personal style. The threat of jumbo loose slouchy dresses that make you look double your size is everywhere and you might think that your stylistic choices are quite limited. Of course comfort is everything (you’ll find out yourself that you will just cannot stand anything too tight or not cozy enough). Yet, maternity clothes are very advanced these days and with some smart shopping you’ll be able to be and feel yourself.
Ok, cope with the fact that you won’t fit into your favourite high-waisted skirt no matter how thin you are for a preggo -in the near future it will be yours again.

After 7 months of pregnancy my advice is not to spend much money on strictly maternity garments because soon they will be useless to you, unless you find something that will be a wardrobe staple after giving birth as well, like a stretch midi dress that fits your bump. Which brings me to my second advice:
Opt for clothes that underline your preggie silhouette and not huge maternity blouses -they will make you look thiner. The closer to the skin the better.
Last but not least: follow those habits from b.p. (before pregnancy) routine that uplift you. Is it a nail job or your monthly visit to the hair salon? Go for it. Do you feel energetic and confident to wear a pair of your beloved high heels? Don’t be afraid to do it. Want to follow a trend? Work your way to be comfy. Getting pregnant doesn’t mean that you’re all of a sudden a different person. You’re just two of you now.

I found a super cool cropped maternity pants at Asos, meant to be paired with those Migato fringe loafers.
A Yiorgos Eleftheriades stretch top and a masculine long Tara Jarmon jacket I own since ever. On top, an extremely warm mohair-wool blend oversized cardigan by H&M.


On the lips Morello “44 Luminous Coral” and on the nails “60 Berry Rose” polish, both by Korres. On the neck silver lucky charm by Yannis Sergakis for 2016.


YSMF Style: The midi dress

When preggie, nothing feels more appropriate and cosy than a soft stretch dress and a pair of sneakers (apart from your pjs, that is). My current uniform consists of a grey Vassiliki Charitou dress and Toms dusty rose boucle “Del Ray”, the lightest pair of shoes I’ve ever tried.

Leather key holder (I also use it for my cell phone) by Ippolito. On my wrist, the first lucky charm for 2016 by KK Jewelry Lab. Nail polish “Forever Yummy” by Essie. On the lips, “Chili” matte lipstick by MAC Cosmetics.

Photo: Ioanna Chatziandreou


Ice & Easy

What if I cannot wear high heels these days. Fine by me, I can do glitter. My disco Bianca Di shoes are shiny and smoking hot -especially paired with an off white tailored Clotho coat (yes the medium size fits my bump just great, in case you were wondering).