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promise land

The new “Cranberry” lipstick by Amway, together with a piece of chocolate from Fresh that once had my name on, the Summer 2013 fuchsia Valentino sling-backs, the book I currently read which is Michel Houellebecq’s “The Platform”, my Jil Sander dream-come-true from Raf Simon’s very last collection for the house, the entire color palette of Korres summer nail polish , a long-desired collectible vinyl of my truest love, aka Arthur Russell from 1986 that I got from Discogs and the very new Nike Air Max that arrived in my mailbox,

is what turned those crappy days into domestic delight.
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this is what it’s like

sunday’s love song by Arthur Russell

I cannot describe you how does this song make me feel, i want to scream the chorus out loudly and stand still with my hands open and that’s the only thing i’m able to do under its grasp “and love is sweet like that”.

As a friend says.

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