The new tradition

Greek tradition offers unlimited inspiration to designers and
I can always use a loading dose of it every time a heatwave arrives in town.

From left: Greek Tsarouhi pendant by Katerina Ioannidis against mom’s needlecraft. Cotton pouches by Zeus + Dione (from your beach bag straight to a night out). The new Tepareo collection of excellent quality cotton pareos.
Semi-permanent framboise nail color and impecable manicure by Nyxi-Nyxi Nails Academy.
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Roksanda Ilincic Resort 2015

The arty inspiration found on the previous collections of Roksanda Ilincic is still here, only that this time bolder colors like bright yellow, green and orange were added to the mint and aqua blue of her last resort collection.
How much cubism fits in fashion?
Well as much as possible, apparently. An indisputable talent and a personal favorite.
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MariannaG at Matsuhisa Athens

It was the hottest day of June and it was dedicated to bathing suits.
The summery show of Marianna G Swimwear collection on Wednesday was escorted by the finest Athenian sushi of Matsuhisa restaurant at Astir Palace Hotel, while all revenues went to Orama Elpidas Association. The beautiful swimsuits and beachwear were presented together with the most gorgeous collectible pieces of Ilias Lalaounis jewelry and Kalogirou shoes. I absolutely loved the hair by Nicolas Viliotis and make up by Manos Vynichakis. Congratulations to Michael Pandos for the styling and the art direction.
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