Ι don’t know if you’ll be able to get back to work after finding out that the best cocktail outfit actually exists
and is somewhere near you:
The silk metallic shirt by V Society combined with the devoré sheer skirt was my discreet -ahem- outfit at the
InStyle fashion party last week.
Snapped together with Katerina Psoma and Michael Pandos for In Style magazine, November issue.

Satin sandals with metallic strap by Dior. Vintage velvet clutch.


Clean cut, white pure and as simple as that.
You have to love the bias cut of this Zeus + Dione flared outfit composed by a loose blouse and a perfectly fitted skirt, made of wool and silk. As well as the sharp neatness of Yannis Sergakis fine jewelry: Two pairs of long Crochet earrings with diamonds made of pink and white gold and two Liens necklaces made of yellow and black gold with brown and white diamonds accordingly.
Photos by Ioanna Chatziandreou






Leather shoulder bag Marc Jacobs. Suede cut out booties Sante.

Takashi Murakami for

The internationally renowned art critic Francesco Bonami has been appointed as the new curator of’s art section. To celebrate the beginning of this collaboration, debuts a unique artwork by one of the most innovative Japanese artists.

Takashi Murakami has created a limited edition of 125 pieces, hand-signed and numbered by the artist himself and entitled “Contemplating Dark Matter” and “Standing on the Bridge Linking Space and Time”, exclusively for

Contemplating Dark Matter, 2014
Standing on the bridge linking space and time, 2014



“The collaboration between contemporary art and fashion is of great effect. It’s what makes people open their eyes. I always get my new ideas from these collaborations, this is why I like to collaborate with I believe contemporary art is a tag for the history, while fashion is an approach for movement”. Takashi Murakami

YouTube Preview Image

Pink Gold

There are some new entries on the block and here is all in full display.
I love sector “Beauty” but those of you who know me for a while most probably have noticed that I have a thing with hair. I use a few beauty products but 
hair, well is my thing you know.

First of all, Kérastase has a new, quite important launch. “Discipline”  is a procedure that offers discipline, of course, and anti frizz control to the unruly hair that actually stays untouched from humidity, while at the same time is easier to style. It is divided in two parts: The first one is the Discipline Protocol that you get to do in an authorized hairdresser. I did mine at Ilias Zarbalis, and I came out with smooth, shiny and lightweight hair that will last for ten hairwashes. The second part is the one you do at home by using accordingly the shampoo, mask and anti-frizz spray, to preserve the “Discipline” effect. I loved it. 

Famous, beloved greek brand Korres just put out the most magnificent CC Cream I have ever used, based on Wild Rose, the trademark ingredient of Korres beauty products since the very beginning. This colour correcting cream SPF30 is a multi-tasking product: a moisturizer that brightens the skin while at the same time covers all the imperfections, for a make up free look.

And then we have a very uncommon perfume, “Black Opium”. Coffee Floral, boyish and dark the new fragrance by Yves-Saint Laurent 37 years after the launch of the legendary “Opium” is highly addictive. And how cool is that bottle, right. ysmf.after.kerastage.discipline

Ariadne’s Thread

And this is how I intend to infuse some greek tradition in my everyday wardrobe.
The winter collection of Zeus + Dione is a cavalcade of handmade greek-folk inspired pieces made of the finest fabrics
like thick cotton, greek silk and woven wool.
The accessories series is enriched with some leather bags, shoes, belts and hand crochet wool pouches. As for the “Astypalea” cotton blouse and the high waisted trousers, this is my kind of perfect outfit.
ysnf.zeus.dione.cotton.handmade.blouse.white ysmf.zeus.dione.wool.cape ysmf.zeus.dione.leather.bags ysnf.zeus.dione.blouse.trousers ysnf.zeus.dione.cotton.handmade.blouse.leather.belt

Remember that Zeus + Dione maxi silk dress from Marie Claire Blog Awards? You can find it here in an off-white color.