Summer is made of greek silk

Zeus + Dione, one of the best greek brands making a smash abroad is bringing the best out of greek tradition for its summer 2015 collection. Silk, leather, raffia, minimal folk patterns, comfort and high quality are the hit elements once again. Here is me trying my top selection at GB Corner, “Grand Bretagne” hotel in Athens, where Zeus + Dione is available.
Keys pendant by Aleemaki. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA ysmf.zeus.dione.summer.2015.white.swimsuit OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA ysmf.zeus.dione.summer.2015.maxi.dress OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA ysmf.zeus.dione.tunic.summer.2015 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Two out of twelve

I spent last week working in two of the twelve islands of Dodecanese, Rhodes and Symi. Snapshots from the immense 70s hotel where we worked and from Symi, which may I say that is breathtaking beautiful.
ysmf.70s.deco ysmf.domeysmf.christos.rhodes ysmf.hotel.rodos.palace ysmf.dome.pool
ysmf.symi.island.greece.port ysmf.symi.island.greeceysmf.symi.ruins

Stripes on stripes & a tropical touch

Last weekend’s backpack included some fresh arrivals. First of all the AtoZGreek pouch made of canvas with a leather strap, that is big enough to carry all your sunscreens plus your hair oil. It’s tested and approved.
Moroccanoil just launched the Smooth series of shampoo, conditioner and lotion including nourishing argan oil, argan butter, Vitamin E and essential fatty acids that leave your hair bright and manageable. And THAT SCENT, AH.
The “Kitty” sunglasses by Toms come in honey color and they are very elegant and fine made, On top of that, for every pair that one purchases Toms will help give sight to a person in need. One for One, true story.
The Tahitian print bikini is a #CLZ, winning cheer-upper by Calzedonia, that huge straw hat that covers my back is by H&M and the fancy headpiece is an old palm tree somewhere in Dodecanese. All time classic blue&white stripes on the adilette slides by adidas and on my favourite traditional cotton sheeting by TE Pareo.