To the Pacifics

Crystals and parrots and pineapples in Paradise. Mimika Ciboyianni presented the “Carribean Crunch” plus a capsule collection the other day at Vamiali Gallery, and for a couple of hours the white minimalistic room was filled with colors, big exotic tree leaves, easy-breezy music and shiny smiling people.
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA ysmf.mimika.ciboyianni.1 ysmf.mimika.ciboyianni.necklace ysmf.mimika.ciboyianni.3 ysmf.mimika.ciboyianni.10 ysmf.mimika.ciboyianni.7 ysmf.mimika.ciboyianni.earrings mimi2 ysmf.allyouneedisstyle.lemoncakewardrobe.missathenes ysmf.mimika.ciboyianni.12 ysmf.mimika.ciboyianni.5 ysmf.mimika.ciboyianni.xeni.elenaysmf.mimika.ciboyianni.earrings.2 ysmf.mimika.ciboyianni.8 ysmf.mimika.ciboyianni.9 ysmf.shoeporn ysmf.mimika.ciboyianni.2


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