The world of Katerina Psoma

Checking on the new collection of Katerina Psoma is an experience similar to a color explosion.
Well known for her maximalistic style, her jewels are fun, playful, mix&matched in her very own particular way. What you may not know is that Katerina also does bags the last past year -and she does them well.
ysmf.katerina.psoma.necklaces ysmf.katerina.psoma.shoulder.bag ysmf.katerina.psoma.atelier ysmf.katerina.psoma.leather.clutch.bag ysmf.katerina.psoma.aer.cuff ysmf.katerina.psoma.jade.earrings ysmf.katerina.psoma.snake.earrings ysmf.katerina.psoma.clutch.bag ysmf.katerina.psoma.snakeskin.necklaceysmf.katerina.psoma.jade.earrings.2ysmf.katerina.psoma.ponnyhair.clutch


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