Takashi Murakami for yoox.com

The internationally renowned art critic Francesco Bonami has been appointed as the new curator of yoox.com’s art section. To celebrate the beginning of this collaboration, yoox.com debuts a unique artwork by one of the most innovative Japanese artists.

Takashi Murakami has created a limited edition of 125 pieces, hand-signed and numbered by the artist himself and entitled “Contemplating Dark Matter” and “Standing on the Bridge Linking Space and Time”, exclusively for yoox.com.


Contemplating Dark Matter, 2014
Standing on the bridge linking space and time, 2014



“The collaboration between contemporary art and fashion is of great effect. It’s what makes people open their eyes. I always get my new ideas from these collaborations, this is why I like to collaborate with yoox.com. I believe contemporary art is a tag for the history, while fashion is an approach for movement”. Takashi Murakami

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