A temporary area: Athens

in September 2009 Vincent Moon and Thomas Rabillon of  La Blogotheque visited Athens for several days, invited by Athens International Film Festival to shoot, as they said, a musical experiment: 15 local bands performing live in one take.

many dear friends of mine participated in this event that day of September, which took place at Booze Cooperativa, so i was there, enjoying myself in a musical celebration and a very interesting project with different artists performing in all the three floors of the building and Vincent Moon twirling around them with a camera, to create a year after what was called ‘A temporary Area in Athens’.

The music documentary premiered last night during Athens International Film Festival 2010 and as Thomas said in a small introduction, the outcome in total was rather focused on a greek sensation and the way underground greek artists are related to music and their music projects, rather to a presentation of the artists themselves.

i thought the outcome was beautiful, artistically speaking, but i would prefer to see more of a documentary side- although i admit one can’t shoot a documentary in a week, i mean how deep can one ‘dig’ into a situation?  however, to some viewers the movie seemed sloppy

the whole film was created in the same way the  duo works all this time, sharing the same vision and aesthetics. an interesting short film presenting in 45 minutes last September’s eight vivid hours, with people sharing a unique energy and atmosphere