Prada Pre-Fall 2015

“Steven Meisel’s intense portraits for the Prada Pre-Fall 2015 campaign play with the asymmetries and ambiguities
men and women share with each other.
Gender’s complexities and contradictions have always been an essential, evolving question for Prada. What do men take from women? What do women keep for themselves? The most profound influences from one to the other are often the least apparent, the least visible. These exchanges still charge the cultural sphere.
Subtle details of difference proliferate too. An epaulette on a men’s shirt becomes an oversized bow on a woman’s dress  or vice versa. Sensuality has become a product of this intense kind of introversion.”





Watch the new Prada video by Steven Meisel here.

Featuring Maartje Verhoef, Niels Trispel, Willow Hand, Artur Chruszcz, Aya Jones, Johannes Spaas, Natalie Westling, Finnlay Davis, Julia Nobis, Tim Schuhmacher


Prada SS2014 ad. campaign

Steven Meisel’s Spring/Summer 2014 campaign for Prada reflects the fierce and independent spirit, with teams of models looking forward in a united vision. Dresses, coats and accessories come alive with giant mural prints of female faces, identikit glossy side partings are crowned with feathered headpieces and sporty tube socks encrusted with candy-like crystals.

Striped sporty detailing at necklines and busts emphasizes the feeling of team
photographs. The effect is a surreal wallpaper of textures, colours and the luxurious
detail of the clothing. 

ysmf.Prada.SS14.Women.Adv.Campaign_2 ysmf.Prada.SS14.Women.Adv.Campaign_1

The models are:

Julia Bergshoeff, Dorota Kullova, Ashleigh Good, Gracie Van Gastel, Amanda Murphy, Viktor Van Pelt, Maggie Jablonski, Lieke Van Houten, Maja Salamon, Ola Rudnicka, Sabrina Ioffreda, Magdalena Jasek, Nastya Sten, Cindy Bruna, Anna Ewers, Ophelie Guillermand, Malaike Firth and Lexi Bolling.


Video: Prada Resort 2014



Starring: Amanda Murphy, Anna Ewers and Cameron Russell
Photography: Steven Meisel
Music: “Daydreaming” by Dark Dark Dark


Prada Womenswear FW2013-14 Campaign

“Sophistication and raw sensuality come together in Prada’s fall/winter campaign, shot by Steven Meisel in New York.
A stellar ensemble of fresh new faces such as Amanda Murphy and Kristine Froseth star alongside iconic, era-defining stars like Christy Turlington and Freja Beha. They inhabit seductively stark scenes, the pivotal characters in an enigmatic portrait of femininity.
Gazing from scuffed leather chairs or industrial stools, with oil slick hair and hyper real complexions, the models magnetically command our attention. When the camera moves closer, the effect intensifies. The models gaze through gleaming eyewear, their insouciant expressions countering the high polish of the frames.
Stark lighting, cloud-grey walls and naked floorboards are the severe canvas for a rich palette of autumnal hues, exquisite furs and glistening leather. This intoxicating mix of the raw and the refined captures the duality at the heart of this new campaign, and Prada’s new take on femininity”.

ysmf.Prada_Donna_FW13_ADV_Campaign_1 ysmf.Prada_Donna_FW13_ADV_Campaign_4 ysmf.Prada_Donna_FW13_ADV_Campaign_3 ysmf.Prada_Donna_FW13_ADV_Campaign_2


prada fw2011-12 advertising campaign

 i copy-pasted below the text from the new Prada adv campaign press release because the description is as good as the pictures

A sensuous playroom is the setting for the new Prada womenswear campaign, shot by Steven Meisel. It reveals a new laid back approach to elegance in a relaxed atmosphere laced with sophisticated fashion knowing.

This campaign exemplifies an-anything-goes attitude to fashion maximalism but is delivered with a unique sense of grace and casualness. innocence meets refinement in this timeless tableau. The delicate sensuality expressed by the fresh-faced models is at-odds with the sophisticated fashion on display: tromp l’oeil boots in grown-up velvet masquerade as girlish knee-highs, oversized coquettish lapels are paneled in fur and python bags are cradled like cute teddy bears. It’s a dressing room of contemporary desire disguised as a playroom of childhood dreams.

At its centre the models emit a youthful luminosity and nonchalant sophistication, creatively capturing the subtle duality at the heart of this new collection.


prada ss2011 advertising campaign

Luxurious neon-stoles, giant sombreros wrapped in electric stripes and bold banana prints come to life on some of the world’s best models: Mariacarla Boscono, Tati Cotliar and Kinga Rajzak alongside with Prada’s new discovery Arizona Muse. Vibrant and playful fashion images shot by long-term Prada collaborator Steven Meisel.

Meisel captures the models in exaggerated dance poses and freeze-frames, inspired by the legendary jazz age entertainer Josephine Baker. These gestures become animated in the campaign film, also by Meisel, where a funky-jazz soundtrack and rapid movements create a pop atmosphere.


prada SS2010 advertising campaign

Marking the beginning of a new decade, Prada presents a dynamic, short fashion film by Steven Meisel here.

In the film, model Rasa Zukauskaite, rotates 360 degrees on a raised platform in super-stylized synchronicity that emphasizes the signature silhouettes of the collection.
Echoing the mood of the spring/summer collection the film balances the tension between
sophistication and innocence, nature and artifice. The coquettish model is at once child-like and provocative, suggestively playing with her pigtails whilst air-kissing words through vermillion lips. A schizophrenic score by Frédéric Sanchez shifts between a summertime lullaby and contemporary electronic beats.
Using the Red Digital Camera a sequence of single-frame campaign images are taken directly from the action of the high-resolution footage. The continuous motion of the filming allows for greater spontaneity than conventional photography and creates a softer, virtually dream-like quality to the images.

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