Stanley Kubrick: The Photographer

During my small trip to Brussels, I was very lucky to watch the photography exhibition of  top filmmaker Stanley Kubrick, whose early creative efforts as a photojournalist for the New York magazine Look, I was completely unaware of.

I was suprised by his large amount of work and completely captivated by the cinematographic viewpoint of it.

His lens captures a portrait of America after World War II- a central theme in Kubrick’s films. His themes include crime scenes, the life of a showshine man, a university theater troupe, etc. 

Beyond his involvement with society and its social and racial tensions, Kubricks’ photographic work displays a precision of composition that goes beyond mere reporting. Capable of constructing a scene, Kubrick sought to transcend the present moment, by definition chaotic and uncontrollable, by lending it form and structure. 

The exhibition ends July 1st, 2012,

*Photos that aren’t mine are linked to their sources