Right before Christmas holidays, the ladies and gents of the Yves-Saint Laurent cosmetics in Greece invited beauty editors and bloggers to write their own manifesto on an YSL paper, all revealed today (with heavy rain), on the name of the perfume “Manifesto” and the new advertising campaign with Jessica Chastain. There’s no picture of Jessica whatsoever, but you can enjoy us three girls in the gorgeous “Joie de vivre au Chateau” mansion up in Kifissia and our pieces.

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better late than never

A very late christmas present arrived last week, together with an amazing card full of wishes, from Chanel press office in Paris. Though I’m not a  Chanel perfumerie fan,  this 200ml bottle of Beige put a wide smile on my face. It smells so fresh so clean and it looks great in my bedroom.

Would it be a blasphemy if i sprayed it on my sheets every night before i sleep??