Ι don’t know if you’ll be able to get back to work after finding out that the best cocktail outfit actually exists
and is somewhere near you:
The silk metallic shirt by V Society combined with the devoré sheer skirt was my discreet -ahem- outfit at the
InStyle fashion party last week.
Snapped together with Katerina Psoma and Michael Pandos for In Style magazine, November issue.

Satin sandals with metallic strap by Dior. Vintage velvet clutch.


Les fleurs de Bach

Seeing all my favorite faces in one night -that’s what I call a proper bar hopping with my dearest Filep.

Checking out the latest issue of Dapper Dan together with its publishing team at Galaxy bar (great job you guys) and catching up later on with Athens’ brightest flora crowd at the Amateur Boys’ costume party “Les Fleurs de Bach” un Carnaval élixir, with  guest djs Chris Kontos and Thomas Bullock.
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