#Denimon by H&M and Ozon Raw

Denim night was On the other day at the H&M store downtown for the photography exhibition by Ozon Raw. Many thanks to H&M Hellas and Ozon magazine for inviting me to participate in this project and to Kostas Stavropoulos for the beautiful photo. I have a pigeon on my head!

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I wore a pair of H&M boyfriend jeans, a sheer jumper and the cutest lip shaped necklace, all by H&M. You can also find the look of each participant hanging on the rails, available for purchase. (I told mom she could buy me, she laughed).
Last picture by Spyros Kanatas.


i wanna be your dog

“Animal Instict” is the name of the spring issue of  Ozon magazine’s international edition: “We narrate stories about sex, food and protection while at the same time we explore what  set us apart from animals: our instincts for reflection and creativity”. Photographer: Nicholas Ventourakis. Styling: Katia Bololia


Ozon fashion room service

At the fashion room service:
a far better organized production than the previous time, I checked in at almost every room, took pictures and had some good laughs with friends

Alexis Barrell

Barbarigos Workshop

Pavlina and the Ippolito bags

my SOMF girls

lazer cut s/m at Digitaria

Mr. Sotiris Georgiou