Ode to McCartney

This post is about a dress that gave me the chills when I first slipped in it and caresses my skin like the touch of an angel’s kiss. I can only talk about it with words of the heart and praise its beauty to eternity, for I have found love. 
Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset
Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Having a blast at Miss-Athenes’s wedding party. Last two photos with Battered Couture and Christopher Kane taken by photographer Constantinos Caravatellis.

Stella McCartney dress, L.A.M.B sandals, vintage ant necklace.


Mr.&Mrs. Lehec

I couldn’t expect nothing less from Mariaflora and Jonas than a wedding party as cool as fuck. And forgive my french for such an occasion but that was one amazing, tender, fun, loving party, with THE coolest music by Rattler Proxy and the couple’s friends that also performed in their honor. And, as we wouldn’t want to skip the fashion part, Mariaflora wore a stunning wedding gown she designed and a gorgeous second dress that her friend Christopher Kane did for her. Below you will see the happy couple, the bride with the designer and all their friends that danced like Saturday was their last day on earth.

All the happiness to you guys.

ysmf.lehec.wedding.collage ysmf.j.mf.lehec.weddingysmf.in.stella.mccartney
ysmf.lehec.wedding.dancing ysmf.lehec.wedding.party
photo (16)ysmf.mariaflora.with.christopher.kaneysmf.lehec.wedding.athena.peng
ysmf.lehec.wedding.rattler.proxyysmf.lehec.wedding.pandos ysmf.despina.and.mirella ysmf.lehec.wedding.more.boysysmf.lehec.wedding.best.man.1

I owe half of the pictures above to my friend Aesthetic Fiasco


Somf Fall 2013: Laura does Dallas

A long day today but it so worthed it.

Photographer Panos Davios shot the new look book of the Fall 2013/14 SOMF collection -which, may I say, is an absolutely great collection and the best of the girls so far!- so we had many things to say and lots of work to do together with Mariaflora and the rest of the team. But mainly we talked about the inspiration of the collection “Laura (Palmer) does Dallas”, and made scenarios for the nice cheerleader and highschool’s sweetheart who fell in love with a bad-ass cowboy and now, she’s not that much of a good girl anymore.

This is just a small taste, Miss-Athenes has more to show you.
ysmf.somf.fall.2013.shoes ysmf.mariaflora.panos.davios ysmf.somf.fall.2013.jumper ysmf.somf.fall.2013.jacket ysmf.somf.fall.2013.denim.dress ysmf.somf.fall.2013.pink.dress



Jars of Pimm’s cocktails, great amounts of food and newly arrived Somf thrills were the ingredients that consisted a moist, sweet Sunday night, delightfully spent with one of my most beloved couples in Athens, Mariaflora & Jonas.


at Miss-Athenes

Dinner with my favorite couple is always blog worthy – and that banoffee pie gets better and better.

Special feature classy Eleanna.