Sharing a moment, an experience, a day, a life with the ones you love is the meaning of living in this world we know. The greatest joy that reaches for a couple of seconds the feeling of crystal clear happiness. Two closest friends of mine got married last weekend in Rome, where they met once upon a time, studied and left a piece of their heart there when they left. No wedding ceremony in the world can outreach the real meaning of it all: the kind of love that has been here all this time to stay and was celebrated the way it deserved to.

Highlights: The ultra chic handmade wedding gown, the groom’s sur mesure trois piece, the 6th century orthodox church San Teodoro, the off white peonies, the after wedding haute cuisine lunch at Convivio Troiani carrying a Michelin star, the Semifreddo di Ricotta Romana with cialda di frolla, the warm ingenuous smiles everywhere around, the oceans of love, the unpretentious ceremony, the coolest couple I know. ysmf.preparing.the.bride ysmf.bridal.peonies
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