At El.Marneri Gallery

From time to time I visit the always charming El.Marneri gallery to stock up Santa Maria di Novella cosmetics
and check all the new arrivals. I loved the new Maria Mastori pieces, as well as Christina Kellidi’s
wooden jewels from her “Sculpting Geometry” collection.
In addition, I had the chance to enjoy the mesmerising exhibition “Blossom” of half-greek half-japanese artist
Mari Aoyama
, whose thousands of delicate little flowers, insects, mythical birds and creatures made of
paper, silk and rare materials from all around the world,
took me to a journey to her whimsical, exotic world.
ysmf.maria.mastori.earrings.marneri ysmf.christina.kellidi.wood.necklace

Maria Mastori earrings, Christina Kellidi necklacesysmf.christina.kellidi.wood.jewellery ysmf.christina.kellidi.wood.necklaces ysmf.christina.kellidi.wood.cuff ysmf.mari.aoyama.flower.headpiece

Boxes and headpiece by Mari


Deep Blue

“It’s blue!” That was the name of the collection that emerged from the collaboration of Maria Mastori Jewellery with i-D concept shop at Golden Hall. And blue it was indeed, in the most vivid, impressive hues one could imagine.
From cobalt to Yves Klein blue, here are my favorite pieces: