Passion Eyes

The beauty pioneers there at Dolce & Gabbana know well what it takes to nail a perfect eye look. If you opt for the “Passioneyes” fierce make up, then take the following steps:
Start by defining the eyes with the Glam liner, an easy to use waterproof eyeliner with a glossy effect and continue with the Perfect Mono “Black Lava” creamy eye colour, for a velvety finish.
Transform your lashes with Passioneyes Duo mascara, for a curly spectacular result. And since the eyebrows are as important as the eyes -if not even more- complete your look with one of the best eyebrow pencils in the market, the shaping Brow Liner.

Cotton bandana Behati x Juicy Couture to wear in three different ways on your hair, wrist or neck.


Lancôme “Show” by Alber Elbaz

I really can’t decide what I like most, the new Lancôme by Alber Elbaz make up collection and packaging or the extraordinary 3d book that is accompanying the promotion?

BOTH. And I’m about to try the Hypnose Drama Eyes eyeshadow that arrived earlier today! Hypnose Drama Hypnose Hypnose Doll Eyes Palette Hypnose Star Eyes Palette


Black is the new Black is Back

Black is the new Black (or how another great gig by Korres left me cheering).

Our beloved greek beauty brand is launching “Black Professional”, a full smokey-eyes kit, with black pencils/mascaras/eyeliners based on new technology that promise to stay where they should, like, forever.

Make up artist Yannis Siskos was there to demonstrate a “how-to” for the perfect smokey-eyes look (and not only that).

Mariaflora tried her skills on me and the outcome was not bad at all, although I looked more like Sehrazat than a tired Kate Moss (or Carine Roitfeld for that matter), which was the initial reference.

An afternoon dedicated to black, from the deco to the AMAZING catering -black burgers, seriously- that we took home, together with a couple of Korres spoil-me bags. Now I have to practice.