Maison Martin Margiela Summer 2013

Waiting 50 minutes for the Maison Martin Margiela fashion show would be ok if it wasn’t for the conceptual suffocating temperature inside the mansion. As if the weather wasn’t hot enough, all the walls at the Hotel Salomon de Rothschild were covered in white plastic

– the outcome was intolerable but gorgeous.
Minimal as always, high waisted pants, straight lines, volumes in unexpected places, leather pieces
and organza gowns were the highlights of the collection.
Absolutely THRILLING music: The minute those spooky voodoo voices started, I got goosebumps.
Find the finale and the soundtrack below.

YouTube Preview Image
YouTube Preview Image


At Margiela

Visiting Paris for the fashion week is double pleasure for me, since it’s a great chance to meet my beloved friend Filep,

whom I hardly ever see and I’m missing so.

Arriving at the Hotel Salomon de Rothschild where the Maison Martin Margiela show was set, we descovered that our seats were once again cheek to cheek! Lots of pictures in my camera are waiting to come out to the light, please be patient because my feet are killing me and my  vitality battery is low

Last picture by Filep Motwary 


the perfect invitation

This QR Code was printed on the Maison Martin Margiela ss2012 fashion show invitation. To see the rest of the invitation use the camera and a barcode reader (free app) on your smartphone.



Paris fashion week- Maison Martin Margiela

my beloved fashion junkies, i arrived in Paris today for the fashion week and i’m already exhausted by the frenzy crowd, the rudeness of the fashionistas and above all by the luggage i had to carry from athens because two pairs of shoes just don’t do it for me. without further info i present you what i saw at Margiela show- Lanvin and more to follow soon because now i have to catch my breath and drink some water before i die over the keyboard.



Maison Martin Margiela and Opening Ceremony announce their collaboration with a MM6 Maison Martin Margiela’s unique capsule for next Fall/Winter.

Based upon a 3-in-1 concept, select styles throughout the collection will transform into separately wearable garments.

Inspired by the construction of a jacket with detachable lining, this core characteristic will broaden the collection from over 20 original styles into an assortment of additional silhouettes. For example, a black quilted leather jacket is constructed with a contrasted water resistant nylon lining in beige that is fastened by buttons. As this lining is unfastened from the leather jacket, a nylon jacket is unveiled.

Such playful and functional elements are consistent to the design concept behind the MM6 Maison Martin Margiela line and intrinsic to the collaboration with Opening Ceremony.  “I have always been a fan of MM6 Maison Martin Margiela, and their subtle references to everyday clothing with the intellectual qualities the Maison offers,” says Humberto Leon, Creative Director for Opening Ceremony.

 “With this collection, the idea of transformation and multiple purposes is very exciting and you see it throughout the line.”

 In line with the collective spirit of the Maison, this Fall/Winter capsule of apparel and accessories will launch globally in September 2011 at Opening Ceremony retail locations and select Maison Martin Margiela partners globally.



This season the ‘Première’ collection of Maison Martin Margiela – the collection ahead of the défilé – revolves around the idea of contrast, division and simplicity. The collection is clean and minimalistic in detail, focusing on stereotype masculine dress versus feminine, outerwear versus loungewear, large versus fitted volumes (divided graphically at the waist), and a play on contrasting materials.



Maison Martin Margiela presents “Demi-vêtement”, a small Capsule collection as a complement of the fashion show


a beautiful t-shirt for a good purpose

The charity AIDS T-Shirt has been present in all Maison Martin Margiela collections since Fall/Winter 1994/1995. Each T-Shirt is produced in a different colour with contrasted text every season and bears the text marked below in English:


This year the t-shirt is a bit different. In their own words:

Further to the seasonal English version, the Maison has decided to have a yearly edition every time in a different language for the World AIDS day, starting with Japanese. Created in Paris, sold around the world, worn touching the heart, this limited edition charity AIDS T-shirt will be exclusively available in all Maison Martin Margiela stores. 

When most T-shirts carry a slogan their message may be read from a distance… dialogue is not necessary. When this T-Shirt is worn it is no longer possible for others to read the text printed on it (most of the text is on the inside at the back of the V-neckline). A dialogue on HIV/AIDS is there encouraged once another asks the wearer to explain what is written on their T-Shirt.

A percentage of the sales is donated to ‘AIDES’, a French organisation dedicated to fight the HIV virus and take care of patients living with HIV/AIDS ( Over the years, 170,000 T-shirts have been sold and brought a contribution of over 700,000 euros to ‘AIDES’. Unfortunately, the virus is still around and that action is still valid.

 the t-shirt will launch on December 1st