Designer: Tita Stylianou

Tita Stylianou explores eccentric femininity through her Spring/Summer 2016 collection titled, The Psychic.
Juxtapositions of cotton and linen mixed with silk and rich brocades, and stripes paired with florals or African prints. Cotton weave kaftans, kimonos and silky wide pants capture the boho chic look of the early seventies.
Injected with 60s and 70s references, the collection is about a flamboyant woman who loves life and enjoys dressing while creating her own codes of style by mix-matching opposites. Round collar jackets, lightweight coats and knee length pencil skirts outline her silhouette, while hand-stitched raffia embellishments on the garments extenuate her femininity.

WEB_Filep_Motwary_SS1624 copy

WEB_Filep_Motwary_SS1622 copy

WEB_Filep_Motwary_SS1625 copy

WEB_Filep_Motwary_SS1616 copy



Photography & Styling: Filep Motwary
MakeUp: Ilona Garamvölgyi
Model: Darya Turovnik
Photo Assistant: Kiki Patsali
Photographed at the residence of Mikis and Ersie Michaelides, designed by
Neoptolemos Michaelides in 1967


Saint Laurent Croisière 2013

You’ve got to love Hedi Slimane’s photography for Saint Laurent Paris Resort 2014 collection. Starring Sasha Pivovarova.
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Backstage at Wrap London

Right before my summer vacations I worked with a great British team for the new Wrap London look book (great cashmere jumpers and leather booties: noted), with world known photographer Nicole Nodland, starring super model Cassie Gardner. The shooting took place around Plaka and at the imposing Ypatia mansion.
ysmf.ypatia.mansion.vitro ysmf.internal.ypatia.mansion ysmf.cassie.gardner ysmf.wrap.booties.fw.2013.14
ysmf.ypatia.mansion.detailysmf.wrap.lookbook.cassie.gardner.backstage ysmf.ypatia.masion.marble.staircaseysmf.wrap.lookbook.nicole.nodland ysmf.ypatia.mansion.detail.2 ysmf.wrap.lookbook.backstage.cassie.gardner ysmf.ypatia.mansion.ceiling ysmf.plaka.anafiotika ysmf.ypatia.mansion.deco



Somf Fall 2013: Laura does Dallas

A long day today but it so worthed it.

Photographer Panos Davios shot the new look book of the Fall 2013/14 SOMF collection -which, may I say, is an absolutely great collection and the best of the girls so far!- so we had many things to say and lots of work to do together with Mariaflora and the rest of the team. But mainly we talked about the inspiration of the collection “Laura (Palmer) does Dallas”, and made scenarios for the nice cheerleader and highschool’s sweetheart who fell in love with a bad-ass cowboy and now, she’s not that much of a good girl anymore.

This is just a small taste, Miss-Athenes has more to show you. ysmf.mariaflora.panos.davios ysmf.somf.fall.2013.jumper ysmf.somf.fall.2013.jacket ysmf.somf.fall.2013.denim.dress