a weekend dipped in music:

friday night’s kuakuakua vol.4 fun session with special guest spaceagedisco (more to hear from him soon) and saturday’s evening Cinematheque audiovisual presentation at Bios, featuring Violet Louise and Nalyssa Green



tonight me and Cloam we’re gonna play some music at the Delight pop-up boutique at 6d.o.g.s- we’ll be the first to start around 11, but Dagritzikos, Fantastikoi Hxoi and more friends will keep the party going till late- check here about the gig and come for some early drinks


last night to a bar near you

our beloved friends,

On behalf of kuakuakua i would like to thank all of you for a wonderful night, for the head banging and the photos, for screaming out lyrics- sharing laughs-playing air guitar -throwing your set in the air like you just didn’t care.

Till next time


KUAKUAKUA sunday night to a bar near you

Dear friends and family,

despite the actual fact that time is little and precious and as if we didn’t have enough in mind already, me and my tramp Vassilis , decided to spend another night playing music for those of you brave ones dare to join as again. being stressed to death last time we joined forces in January, i don’t have a clear idea weather you had a nice time or not but judging from the pictures, some of you might actually have liked it. so we have the audacity to dice-play your sunday night again.

Vassilis also had this magnificent idea to name us “Kuakuakua”.

don’t look at me.

I never agreed to that and i don’t even dare try to understand how is it Being John Malkovich but i know little about photoshop so i’m in his mercy.

you’re most welcome to pass by 6 D.O.G.S for a drink around 22.00 and ask for your favorite song. i probably won’t play it  but i’m dying to know what you have in mind.

yours sincerely,