Where I always return

The reason of my last trip in Rome was an opera production. Sofia Coppola directed “La Traviata” for the recently renovated Teatro dell’Opera di Roma, while all costumes where signed by Valentino. Once again we stayed at Hotel Quirinale (impossible to forget its garden from my last trip there), which is so conveniently located next to the Opera house. Had the best carbonara at Roscioli. Did some serious shopping. Ate tons of ice cream. Walked around for hours. Enjoyed an aperitivo at Hotel de Russie. Always a pleasure to be a tourist in Rome.
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Palazzo Versace

On November 9th the Palazzo Versace Dubai Hotel opened its doors,
as the most luxurious hotel the Middle East has ever seen. Artistic director Donatella Versace has exclusively designed the interiors and furniture for each of the 215 rooms, bringing the universe of Versace truly to life, from the hand-detailed ceilings in gold to the fine marbles and mosaics.

ysmf.Palazzo-Versace-Hotel_Dubai_Main-Lobby ysmf.Palazzo-Versace-Hotel_Dubai_Night-View ysmf.Palazzo-Versace-Hotel_Dubai_Residence-Living-Room ysmf.Palazzo-Versace-Hotel_Dubai_Vanitas restaurant ysmf.Palazzo-Versace-Hotel_Dubai_Executive-Suite


summer extension

It has been nothing of an autumn since the 1st of September so, a few days ago, I took the opportunity to pamper myself with something like a holidays extension at Costa Navarino. Relaxation overload in a magnificent location on the west coast of Peloponese, that was quite a surprise for me, since I didn’t know the resort’s highlight: an immense beach with thin, blonde sand and crystal clear water. Could I possibly ask for more? I did actually. I made a good use of the Anazoe Spa, I ate gigantic breakfasts, Ι picked lavender for my winter closets and slept for ours on white crisp sheets, feeling as we speak, more than ready to confront the weather change.