Vera Wang: A girl thing

Even the most saturnine and stiff personality in the world (seeing myself in 75% of it), could not stand emotionless in front of the bridal dresses and gowns of Vera Wang. Having been invited in a private view of the spring collection at the boutique, I had the opportunity to see all girls’ dreams coming true in two rooms. The finest of fabrics and a delicate technique create what could make most women out there look absolutely gorgeous. If I had to choose, I would definitely go for a close-to-the-skin ruffled organza mermaid dress (yes I tried it on but the picture was globally banned under my orders), that makes one look like having been emerged out of a shell in the middle of the ocean.


Celia Kritharioti Couture

Celia Kritharioti is one of the few couture houses in Greece, if not the only one. The precious beaded evening gowns and elaborated wedding dresses of the designer we know already. What I enjoyed most at her fashion presentation, that I attended a couple of days earlier than last night’s official press day, was the 40s silhouette and the full skirts, alongs with the stretch knitted bodycon dresses and the lush blue and green velvet.


red carpet

From that trip to Istanbul, came out a magnificent story for Vogue Hellas December issue, starring top model Heather Marks. I’m a fool for backstage.

Photographer: Koray Birand, Fashion Editor: Michael Pandos