LFW: Antonio Berardi FW2017-18

Who’s in for some sharp drama?
Antonio Berardi sent on the catwalk a fierce collection of bold jackets and dramatic maxis paired
with thigh-high sock boots. Has pink ever looked so appealing?
img_2056 img_2059 ysmf-antonio-berardi-fw2017-18-0 img_2075 ysmf-antonio-berardi-fw2017-18-2 ysmf-antonio-berardi-fw2017-18-3 ysmf-antonio-berardi-fw2017-18-6 ysmf-antonio-berardi-fw2017-18-7 ysmf-antonio-berardi-fw2017-18-9


Loukia Omnium Gatherum

A majestic fashion show, a magnificent exhibition.
Celebrating 40 years of Atelier Loukia was nothing short of what it should be. Emotional, eerie, flowy, opulent. Thank you Plus More 360 for choosing me amongst Loukia Omnium Gatherum’s ambassadors. Wearing -together with my friend Crisanti from Here C comes– Atelier Loukia lace and tulle dresses. Jade and crystal earrings by Katerina Psoma. Dior satin & metallic sandals. Make up by Freddy Make Up Stage. Hair, Dimitris Sarantou.





Atelier Versace Summer 2016

Elegance, fluidity and experimentation in new ways of draping and volume is the essence of Atelier Versace Summer 2016 collection, one of the best of Donatella’s I’ve seen so far:
an exploration of form and a study in tailoring.
Here are some magnificent catwalk and backstage photos from the show.

VersaceCoutureFashionAmbient-122 Atelier_Versace_Fall 2016_03 Atelier_Versace_Fall 2016_23 VersaceCoutureFashionFlash-056 VersaceCoutureFashionAmbient-022 VersaceCoutureFashionAmbient-095 Atelier_Versace_Fall 2016_15 VersaceCoutureFashionAmbient-111 VersaceCoutureFashionAmbient-047 VersaceCoutureFashionFlash-032 VersaceCouturePre-050 Atelier_Versace_Fall 2016_10 VersaceCoutureFashionAmbient-142 VersaceCoutureFashionAmbient-090 VersaceCoutureFashionAmbient-081 VersaceCoutureFashionAmbient-018 Atelier_Versace_Fall 2016_32 VersaceCoutureFashionFlash-093


Angelos Bratis

An ode to femininity with Angelos Bratis’ beautifully draped capes and dresses for FW 2014-15, during Athens Exclusive Designers fashion week on Sunday.
ysmf.angelos.bratis.fw.2014.3 ysmf.angelos.bratis.fw.2014.6 ysmf.angelos.bratis.fw.2014.2 ysmf.angelos.bratis.fw.2014.5 ysmf.angelos.bratis.fw.2014.7 ysmf.angelos.bratis.fw.2014.8 ysmf.angelos.bratis.fw.2014.1 ysmf.angelos.bratis.fw.2014.9 ysmf.angelos.bratis.fw.2014.10 ysmf.angelos.bratis.fw.2014.11