On Sunday night dinner was served chez Eleni Psychouli, with homemade cheese & olive breads, meat soup with veggies, pies and greek delicacies. Unpretentious hospitality, inherent kindness and love is what always makes those nights with her the best time spent ever.

For all food lovers who don’t know it yet, Eleni launched a couple of months ago her food blog, To Pirouni(Very proud to say that I kind-of have been featured there).

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Idi Prikos

“Idi Prikos” is the latest mania and secret love of Eleni Psychouli: having spent hours and hours embroidering, Eleni created a folk-art treasure consisting of handmade pillow cases, tableclothes and towels, by combining grandma’s crochet handcrafts, silk and velvet fabrics from her trips around the world, vintage ribbons and cloths. The outcome is a greek-fusion collage memoire, of past decades that you’ve never lived and places you’ve never visited, but you keep them in your heart with warmth

The collection was presented yesterday at TR2 concept store, and standed out perfectly in the white sterilized enviroment


Worship Temple

The perfect sunday night, invited by Ms. Eleni Psychouli and her lovely friends, in a christian-lacroix-type house that I envied much and I would never dare to have