wandering in paris

Last night The XX gave a concert at Cigale a theater in the heart of Montmartre but the bitter truth about this city is that as soon as you grasp the news for something ALL tickets are gone. We decide anyway, my love (antonis) and I, to risk our way over there and see if we find some last minute luck but not! After some laughs over the adventurous and unfortunate bargain for any “black market” chance, we head some trains away to another concert spot called Flèche d’Or that’s something between live-club-bar where we first watched Chad Van Gaalen (wooonderfulness). What I love about this place is that it’s a former railway station that has kept the style and the essence since it still flows above the rails…

…the view of which you are not deprived.

Two fine bands, a french one named Success, that turned out reeeeally fun with a frontman hard to describe and a british band nothing-we-never-heard-before…but the bottom line is that at fucking Paris you never get bored! Good times.

Ps. Tonight we watched “I love you Phillip Morris” dealing with an amazing true gay love story, where I instantly fell in love with this song:

YouTube Preview Image