Les fleurs de Bach

Seeing all my favorite faces in one night -that’s what I call a proper bar hopping with my dearest Filep.

Checking out the latest issue of Dapper Dan together with its publishing team at Galaxy bar (great job you guys) and catching up later on with Athens’ brightest flora crowd at the Amateur Boys’ costume party “Les Fleurs de Bach” un Carnaval élixir, with  guest djs Chris Kontos and Thomas Bullock.
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one hell of a party

manos vynichakis turned 40 and he’s not afraid to say it.
au contraire.
once more he held one of his amazing costume birthday parties to celebrate with friends the 40-year-itch.
till dawn.
i’m sure pictures from this party will be all over facebook but have some:

the breathtaking birthday boy takes the prize of the year..

this time terry richardson as this fucking hipster with penelope anastasopoulou.

my sweet nanas left their training for a while to have a drink. or two.

queen of brazil beautiful mara

isn’t he an icon or what?

here with david lynch’s next protagonista and muse

our feathered sequined party girl MariaFlora

everybody, that’s ma boss. boss, this is everybody.

he loves ice-skating so much he CANNOT quit. and i love him for that.

borat definitely got some love..

akiss the photographer looking disco good

alex posing

as for me, i went with the frida-do-it-yourself-costume. i’d prefer to call me salma but whatever suits you.

frida here with friends and a fan who sang for her. no autographs given.

till next year

if you want some mooore: UnnOUveauIdeaL




ok costume parties just ain’t my thing but when invited to one, i feel i have to honor the hosts by following the strict invitation rules of dressing up. and let me tell you, it was fun.

my dear friend Louiza Riancour and My fucking Hipster showed me the way.

at least i tried -with a little help from my friends: beautiful Filep Motwary dress made just for me.

Kinky Host

I just loved my sweet Nanas (Nana in the 60’s & Nana in the 70’s that is)

Sassa from Glamour and Mtv sailor man Alex were there too.

of course an Avatar guy

and a cute ballerina dressed like Thanos Samaras

However, the prize goes to the most creative and right out of a frame “Lichtenstein” girls. Soooo jealous.