january blues


being a great opponent of winter and cold weather you may imagine how i feel those rainy, cloudy, freezing days of the most depressing month of the year. i could easily describe my status with the word “hibernation”. seeing today the new adv campaign of Bottega Veneta ss2012 collection, my heart gamboled and for a moment i sensed the cool breeze of the sea on a melting day of july, i groped for my sunglasses, tasted salt and heared an imperceptible gentle splash of the water near me, that gave me this urge to clap my hands and cheer for artist and photographer Jack Pierson for such a direct, emotionally deep and narrative picture of his work.

humidity and 3 °C make me emotionally vulnerable, don’t mind me.


tiny and bad

one of those little important pieces you can wear in dozens of different ways, that put a twist on your look and they belong to accessories rather than to clothes: a short leather Bottega Veneta vest with shoulder pads, like a city armor  for girls. not normal girls. and if you think you’ve seen enough of those shoulder pads, well, this is different


the clutch-bag

as far as clutches are concerned  i think Bottega Veneta leaded the way with the classic, today, leather clutch-bag that has seen a thousand versions. for summertime i’d definitely go with the neon orange lizard one- modern and classy.