Hyalu B5: The serum to max out your glow factor

The last couple of months I’ve been receiving many compliments for my skin and the truth is I, myself, feel at my best. I have upgraded my beauty routine, but there is also a hero product that I’ve been using day and night,
that works miracles.

My skin is oily -that I knew quite early. But it took me many years to find out that it is also very sensitive, and that explains all the redness and the frequent irritations. La Roche-Posay has helped me immensely with my skincare. Note that, all the above comes from a person that had been using the wrong products for years , and no matter how popular or expensive they were, they just weren’t right for me.


Hyalou B5 was the latest to try and it instantly fit.
This anti-aging concentrate contains two types of Hyaluronic Acid, plus Vitamin B5 to help plump the look of skin and replenish its natural moisture barrier. Its fresh water-gel texture absorbs easily into skin, which after a week looked visibly replumped. What I’m also addicted to is the cool, soothing feeling -anyone with sensitive skin knows this annoying burning sensation, so HURRAY, I waved that goodbye.

Which means, girls, let’s talk beauty: If you’re 30+ and in need of some filling, while avoiding any misfortunate bursts, you should try it. You can thank me later.



Pure Greek Olive Magic

Olive tree is gold and it is treated as such.
My beloved greek beauty brand Korres launched the “Pure Greek Olive” series, with main component taken from the cretan bio olive groves. A box of shower gels, body oils, cremes, scrubs and traditional soap bars arrived at my doorstep the other day, that when opened, filled my house with the perfumes of greek countryside:
verbena, bergamot, honey, cedar and olive blossom where tested and approved during the past couple of weeks.
Personal pick? Olive blossom duuuh!


The beauty of youth

Prodigy Reversis is a science & beauty masterpiece, the latest revolutionary achievement of Helena Rubinstein laboratories that can, not only slow down skin aging, but also reverse the procedure by reforming aged cells. I was fortunate enough to enjoy a full revitalising beauty treatment at one of the brand’s cabins, and I am the living example of the refreshed glowing skin that luxury beauty products can gift you.
If you’re willing to make a small investment on your face, the results are remarkable.

On my skin they were used the following: Care-in-Peel face scrub, Force C Serum, Prodigy Reversis Face Cream and Eye Cream and Hydra Collagenist mask for deep hydration. Checked and guaranteed.



Viper Venom

Yeap, it’s Nip + Fab!
From the Viper Venom range of Nip + Fab beauty products, Micro Blur Fix works to prime,
blur and mattify the skin, for an instant flawless complexion, while Frown fix contains a concentrated blend of high-tech ingredients combined for targeted action on the appearance of expression lines and wrinkles.
Deep green “Off Tropic” nail polish from Essie Spring 2016 collection.


Beauty: The Balm Cosmetics

And the prize for the best product/packaging combo goes to The Balm cosmetics.
I loved everything from this brand at first sight, let alone now that I’ve tried them.
Cheater! is a volumizing mascara enriched with Panthenon, the juicy apple palette works both for cheeks and lips, while Time Balm is a face primer to be worn alone for visibly softer skin or under make up so your look stays up.

Those and many more to discover at BeautyTestBox.



Found Beauty in an HR cabin

A beauty post, dedicated to me, myself and I.

Falling too deep in my daily routine and my day-creme/foundation/remover/blah beauty steps, I often tend to forget the immense possibilities of the newest ultra high-tech achievements in the science of cosmetology.
I am overexcited, as we speak, to have tried a full beauty treatment at the Helena Rubinstein cabin, a true beauty pioneer, escorted by a facial massage as well. And trust me, I am not of those who drool over new beauty products that pop out every nanosecond in the industry.

Should I had to describe the cremes, serums and masks of Helena Rubinstein, “luxury for yourself” would be it. Make yourselfie a gift and get something according to your needs (there is the most appropriate cosmetic waiting for you at an HR stand) and remember my words.

The HR experts profiled my skin and created my own private cocktail, as you’ll see below. The Re- Plasty Pro Filler corrector does miracles, so does the Collagenist Re-plump lip zoom, which, apart from being a lip anti-wrinkle, also re-curves lips, giving you day by day extra plumpness (!). They say that one of those gems is being sold every three seconds somewhere around the globe. I already got mine.
And I’m so having the Prodigy Powercell Foundation.

ysmf.prodigy.powercell.helena.rubinstein ysmf.prodigy.powercell.foundation.helena.rubinsteinysmf.re-plasty-profiller.helena.rubinstein


The Korres Success Story

Dear diary, today I had the best time.

I felt like a student attending an educational visit to a candy factory, only in this occasion it was a visit to the futuristic and of extremely high standards factory of Korres Natural Products. Lena Korres, George Anthoulakis and the rest of the Korres team were gracious hosts, in the most well organized event I’ve attended the past few months. A tour around the plant facilities, the production line, the homeopathic section, the laboratories where the evolution of new ideas takes place, escorted by a presentation of the history of the brand and usefull

information, were more than interesting and enlightening.

This wasn’t the first time i visited Korres factory, since when it was first built, together with the Vogue Hellas team we did an entire fashion shooting there- and one of my favourites. A blast-from-the-past post and more photos to follow soon.

Congratulations to Korres “family” for the hard work, the succesful penetration to the

international markets, the design, the unique quality check  and the vision.