Matteus last night: Ugly doll’s stories

In an old market that now works once a week, the background  was ready for Matteus to perform with his characteristic  prose songs from his latest release “Ugly Doll’s Stories”, an ode to non-communication between human beings. Matteus picks up the role of the customer entering a doll shop and every doll has its own story to tell about how it got or ended up there, a long journey with voices and stories ending up into a narration from each doll’s point of view, dealing with matters such as love, emotional breakdowns, separation, solitude and happiness.

The “Ugly doll’s stories” came out in a beautiful artwork and is available from today at I hate to repeat myself but it worths mentioning once more that Matteus will perform this Saturday 5th at Synch Festival.




on a rainy sunday evening

..a dozen of artists performed live at 6.D.O.G.S, each one with his personal style

Ku- ‘Ping Pong Show’ walkman and cassettes, by Orila


december’s songs

last night:  A thousand Beautiful Women, Buildings at Night, March of Death, Angelos Kyriou and Ku performed among other musicians at “The migrant’s place” at Exarhia, motivated by the riots that took place in December 2008 in Greece, expressing the essence left in their nostrils

March of Death

A Thousand Beautiful Women

Yiannis, “CEO” of

regarding the events of December 2008, there’s a very interesting book out by journalist Aris Hatzistefanou-info here