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Kerkville is a project of musician Michael Moschoutis. By using basically the guitar (acoustic, electric, lap steel, pedal steel) kirkville produces harmonic soundscapes that vary between ambient and post-rock.  In October 2010 his first album “Days” was released by Triple Bath.

about A Thousand beautiful women:  “To abandon all our familiar forms and dive into the abstract isn’t as easy as it may sound.
We need new everything to conflict our memories and childhood images and all of our inner messages.
Then it shall be loud and clear as if it were whispered in the most silent night song, close to the ear that could be pined on ones brain.”

the performance will take place at Knot Gallery



The only i think i regret missing while i was living la dolce vita in Paris, is the event that Orila phonographic label organized in the beginning of October. Vassilis and Yannis made one of their dream come true, to gather some musicians all together for a trip, to play their music in the woods for a small audience that cares to listen. Fortunately my friend was there:

“Saturday, 10.00 sharp, bus is waiting across the columns of Olympian Zeus along with a Hippie looking group of people that generates curiosity and probably fear to the eyes of an other group of old people parking their bus next to us. their curiosity climaxes when they see all these funny looking luggage been loaded on our bus- why music instruments and speakers scare them, i don’t know.

the bus starts  and after a rainy course, it lands on βουνΟριλα , somewhere in the woods of north Evia. The project is revealed in front of my eyes, inside my ear drums and my nostrils, between my fingers. Take urban concrete city generated music and blend it with mountain green, humidity, soil brown, tree sounds and clear borderless view. Caution, the project is being recorded.

Our stage is the old ruins  of a Summer Camp being digested by the surroundings. Rain, no rooftop, we make one of our own with plastic covers while the others make a web of cables on top of carpets put on the floor. Egsun make their first sounds with a guitar,a looper, a glockenspiel,a zither and a pling plon. I am hypnotized. The soundtrack one would use to dress a movie talking about dreams is being unrolled, raki finds the way to my hands.

a thousand beautiful women take the stage and lift me over the treetops, i’m tripping on nature. A psychedelic improvisation of a guitar, a sinthy, a girl’s voice and a looper, create vivid colors in front of me . I find my self standing on a top of a nearby hill listening to Lunar Miasma. They say he is the new ‘must’ in urban underground experimental music in Athens, the only must for me is ‘i must be lost’. without knowing how i am lost in the woods and my only chance to get back to the music is to try and follow it. The trees and eco filter and regenerate Lunar’s sounds making a marriage made to last. It’s night, its cold, we make fire, thank god we are in the woods.

The Hippies are now gathered around the fire listening to No Clear Mind , i needed that lyric break, they are the food we haven’t eaten yet, now i can hold on for a couple more hours. Strumming, looping , programing, singing, they are good chefs. Alexandros Miaris proposes a new way Cretan rizitika can be played. The use of his voice reminds me of a priest crying because he has fallen in love with a woman that left him. Interesting but not my cup of tea.

Matteus is anxius to play so he sets up his gear quickly . A theremin, a mic and a laptop are his weapons. The battle of an under the water female voice and a soul struggling to get out of Matteus body starts. His “Ugly doll’s stories” album is like the prequel of what i hear and see, its like someone is gutting Bjork for being sweet and fragile.. I like it.

The gas from the generator watering us with electricity all day runs out absolutely synchronized with Matteus’ ending. We are hungry for food but all our other needs are covered for now, today we created , felt a vast variety of emotions , every cell on our skin is soaking with nature. We reload our dirty sheets in the bus , have a quick cigy and head back home…or head back away from it.”


mind-blowing guitar distortion

it’s getting hot in here and your skin’s melting like fresh butter.. wait until you listen to this one-minute distorted guitar playing and tell me if you feel your brains too, melt and ooze from ears and mouth. sweeeeeet.

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from A Thousand Beautiful Women, fresh and clean.


on a rainy sunday evening

..a dozen of artists performed live at 6.D.O.G.S, each one with his personal style

Ku- ‘Ping Pong Show’ walkman and cassettes, by Orila


in the basement

taking down the steps at ‘Katarameno Syndromo’ on Saturday night, the smell of mold and soil got violently in my nostrils. cement walls, four chairs and plastic ivy plants on the stage.  underground or what.

the few of us who gathered there, went to listen the experimental sound of three artists that have something to say

Angelos Kyriou started first, half singing/half reciting his songs, like texts from a diary of a cursed poet, you don’t know if you want to burst out to laughs or tears

‘A thousand beautiful women’ played two ten-minute improvisations of psychedelic glitches that pierced ears and mind, completed by Tina’s etherial vocal sounds.

Mr. ‘202 Project‘, a quiet sweet guy/ a rocket on stage, took his place on the set after midnight, with his laptop-guitar-keyboard to sing some lo-fi noisy poetry for an hour, cerebral music for audience that cares to listen