in the basement

taking down the steps at ‘Katarameno Syndromo’ on Saturday night, the smell of mold and soil got violently in my nostrils. cement walls, four chairs and plastic ivy plants on the stage.  underground or what.

the few of us who gathered there, went to listen the experimental sound of three artists that have something to say

Angelos Kyriou started first, half singing/half reciting his songs, like texts from a diary of a cursed poet, you don’t know if you want to burst out to laughs or tears

‘A thousand beautiful women’ played two ten-minute improvisations of psychedelic glitches that pierced ears and mind, completed by Tina’s etherial vocal sounds.

Mr. ‘202 Project‘, a quiet sweet guy/ a rocket on stage, took his place on the set after midnight, with his laptop-guitar-keyboard to sing some lo-fi noisy poetry for an hour, cerebral music for audience that cares to listen