Sotiris Georgiou Summer 2014

“Complexity is Simplicity” is the name of the Spring-Summer 2014 collection of Sotiris Georgiou, aiming to state a game based on fashion maths. Adding and subtracting on the same garment. The balance between all the information gathered, minus the minimal frame. Clustered pleats fold and unfold in monochrome, a busy front equals a quiet back and vise versa.

I tried on all my favorite pieces  and if it was in mind hand, I’d wear the men collection too.





ysmf.sotiris.georgious.summer.2014.white.dress ysmf.sotiris.georgious.summer.2014.2 ysmf.sotiris.georgious.summer.2014.5 ysmf.sotiris.georgious.summer.2014.6 ysmf.sotiris.georgious.summer.2014.4 ysmf.sotiris.georgious.summer.2014.7 ysmf.sotiris.georgiou.summer.2014.mens.collection.2 ysmf.sotiris.georgious.summer.2014.mens.collection


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