Shine bright

Who’s new mommys’ most valuable beauty ally? Essie Gel Couture!
A revolutionary series of nail lacquers that last up to 12 days – no lamps, no base coat needed. An easy two-step gel-like perfection that you can also do at home, and remove it as per usual. Yeap, that’s right.

You just pick any of the 42 shades, apply twice and finish with top coat for flawless gel-like shine. I did the test drive at Essie’s beauty salon, and IT WORKS. I normally mash fruits and veggies some 283 times a day -when I don’t change diapers and wash my baby’s tushy- so believe me when I say my nails did not chip at all. Favourite colour? Ruby red “Drop the Gown”.ysmf.essie.gel.couture.presentation ysmf.essie.gel.couture.drop.the.gown OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA ysmg.essie.gel.couture.3


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