Scoot over!

Being a fan of Stokke even before I got pregnant, I couldn’t be happier for what strolled at my doorstep.
The new Stokke® Scoot stroller with its smart engineering is ideal both for excursions and the busy, unfriendly streets of Athens where you actually need superpowers to manoeuvre a stroller with a baby in it.
Nevertheless, what I love most about it is the compact folding (in contrast to strollers where you have to detach the seat every time you want to fold it and store it or put it in the trunk of your car) and the height of the seat that allows you to double, triple and quadruple check on your child or give him a smile.
On top of that, you can style your pram with the new limited edition style kits!
Inspired by the traditional colours of vintage European race cars, the colours are referencing the spirit of classic racing heritage. The kit includes a hood with visor, a sporty padded seat inlay and a shopping bag for the parent.
I opted for racing blue.

Photo: Ioanna Chatziandreou



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  1. Vlandi Sonia April 15, 2016 / 10:22

    De très jolies images! Que du bonheur!

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