Saint what??

What a day I say..finally the sun appears over the frozen view, everything seems right – besides a friend from london that visited yesterday and kept throwing up all night..but even him looks better (hope well john!!!). Between my ignorance and my innocence I approach the radio, already turned on fip my fav station and I hardly hear a familiar sound of something like a church hymn, begin to get the chills and recognize it’s “Lover, you should’ve come over” by Jeff Buckley.

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I immediately jump over (spill some hot coffee on me) and turn the volume as high as it gets. I start shouting the lyrics more than singing, almost seven minutes of hysteric tribute (I can become reeeally ridiculous with this dead bastard) and at the end of the song as a wake up call, a sweet warm woman’s voice behind the mic says two words like “Jeff Buckley singing for LOVE”..I am “yesss”..and she continues “for Saint-Valentine’s day”…WHAT? SAY WHAT? SAINT WHAT?
Then realized what day it was..Ruined everything.



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  1. Yan the man February 23, 2010 / 01:53

    Yo yo! Just only now checked that post.. Can’t say was that good for me that bloody Sunday. was feeling a bit more like “This is the end…” sort of thing :(

    Better by now 😉 Back to the basics: you can’t go wrong with a burger and a pint of lager.. :) :) 😛

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