Pucci, the book

Hundreds of photographs, sketches and candid images from the archives of the Emilio Pucci Foundation capture the breathtaking elegance and drama of this unique brand in a book: Pucci, by Vanessa  Friedman, published by Taschen.

Pucci is a tale of innovation stretching back over 60 years, recounting a brand that was among the first to bear a logo, that was a pioneer of diversification into interiors, athletic wear and accessories. It introduced free-flowing, lightweight fabrics, pop art prints and a proprietary, revolutionary colour palette into womenswear while constantly expanding the frontiers of fabric and printing technologies.

The text, prefaced by Laudomia Pucci and written by Vanessa Friedman, is a tribute, telling its tale in themed chapters that shed light on the designer and his legacy through to the present day, and is peppered with anecdotes and quotes from those who knew him best, who learned from him, who were struck by his vision and talent. It places the brand’s achievements in the context of fashion history and opens a new century with insight into the remarkable resonance of the Pucci style.

The XL tome is bound in printed Pucci fabric from recent collections, and each copy differs from the others, making each piece a collector’s item.

For diehard Pucci connoisseurs, a Vintage Art Edition – available in just 500 numbered copies – is bound in original vintage Pucci fabrics from the house’s Archives. It is packaged in a protective transparent acrylic box and is accompanied by four art prints of original drawings by the maison’s founder, Emilio Pucci. Each copy will be signed by his daughter Laudomia Pucci, who continued to design under the Pucci name until 1992 and who has been Image Director and Deputy Chairman of the company since 2000.


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