Prada Pre-Fall 2015

“Steven Meisel’s intense portraits for the Prada Pre-Fall 2015 campaign play with the asymmetries and ambiguities
men and women share with each other.
Gender’s complexities and contradictions have always been an essential, evolving question for Prada. What do men take from women? What do women keep for themselves? The most profound influences from one to the other are often the least apparent, the least visible. These exchanges still charge the cultural sphere.
Subtle details of difference proliferate too. An epaulette on a men’s shirt becomes an oversized bow on a woman’s dress  or vice versa. Sensuality has become a product of this intense kind of introversion.”





Watch the new Prada video by Steven Meisel here.

Featuring Maartje Verhoef, Niels Trispel, Willow Hand, Artur Chruszcz, Aya Jones, Johannes Spaas, Natalie Westling, Finnlay Davis, Julia Nobis, Tim Schuhmacher


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