Poseidonion Grace

our last shooting for summer season took place last week at Spetses island, which i hadn’t visited for ten years or so. didn’t see much of the island anyway but the hotel where we stayed was perfect enough to compensate us and make us not to want go anyplace else.

well you don’t call it just a hotel. Poseidonion Grace is a place with great history, built in 1914 and fully renovated in 2009, this mansion is a landmark of Spetses, a building of unique beauty and the last of its kind remaining around Mediterranean sea.

with it’s original marble staircases, old-fashioned tiles and cast iron balconies Poseidonion is perfect down to its last detail

my room before the invasion of a devouring pile of clothes

the hotel is rather over budget but in case you want to give yourself a little treat for a weekend, it worths every single penny, trust me. Plus, the food at the restaurant is to die for, traditionally- based gourmet but not fake at all – cause i’m sure you too have had enough of that “rocket-parmesan” kinda food

looking forward to revisit




  1. mariaflora May 31, 2010 / 01:41

    the tiled floors!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!wow. just wow.

  2. natalie June 1, 2010 / 14:17

    Oh my, this hotel is perfection!

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