Orila for KU

Memorywank and Cloam are the two hot babes that run the independent phonographic label Orila. On Saturday 24/4 orila releases “Ku- Ping Pong Show” cassettes and walkman series.

We’re all invited for a live set on a rooftop musical exploration play by Ku.

Because orila cares.

Important note: be there before 19.00. in this way we make sure that performance will take place during sunset.



  1. mariaflora April 19, 2010 / 23:16

    so exited about this! Rooftop parties rule!!!!!!

    • youstrikemyfancy April 20, 2010 / 00:34

      απ’οτι καταλαβα προτιμουν τον ορο “live performance” αλλα παντα ευχομαι να καταληξει σε “rooftop party” 😉

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