One fits All by Benetton

Friday was one of those days that nothing could go wrong.
Benetton launched “One fits All”, a new series of underwear and loungewear -that is actually One Size and literally fits all-  so light, overstretch and soft that you hardly feel the cotton on your skin. A lucky few were invited to test the new products, in an event quite different than anything else: A one-hour class of Aerial/Antigravity Yoga *APPLAUSE*.

I have to admit the time spent at Swaha Yoga Center swinging from giant hammocks from the ceil was fascinating. And though I don’t want to make you jealous, it got better. 45 minutes of body massage after that and lunch at the restaurant of Acropolis Museum is what made me a happy woman for the rest of the week.

The One Fits All outfits and all photos below (apart from the first three) with my selfie hanging here and there and upside down, are all courtesy of Benetton.


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