Don’t you just love a stroll downtown, through the old alleyways of Plaka on a shiny spring day?
Imagine this, enriched with the enlightening presence of a history expert tour guide showing you around the hidden treasures of Athens, and your newborn baby on your lap to share the walk with. That was my experience a couple of weeks ago, when I first got to use MyCarrier by Stokke for baby L
and enjoy “The Orientalist’s Route of Athens”, especially designed for me, my friend Tina and our babies by Big Olive. Α day to remember.

Here are some photos from our tour, which was so easy, stress free and fun though till that day I wasn’t at ease with taking the baby out all by myself.
In MyCarrier my baby could hear my voice and my heartbeat and feel the warmth of my body throughout our walk, all adding to his feelings of security and well-­being. We could move as one and share the same rhythm, in a way that he was calm and happy and slept in the carrier a lot.

Furthermore, the new improved design of Stokke’s MyCarrier is easy to adjust in a few simple steps, so both moms and dads can use it (hubbie loves it already). The adjustability for your growing baby is also unparalleled; you can regulate the width of the harness for the child,
without it affecting the fit for the parent, and most importantly the product grows with your toddler from
4 weeks to 3 years old, you can have your child on board, with two carrying positions front and back.


On top of that, that day we had the opportunity to discuss about the carrier with paediatrician
Kostas Adamopoulos, who informed us about all the new features of the latest model
and answered to our questions.

All in all, I think it will facilitate the daily routine of all busy moms, whether they are out running errands or showing their baby the big outdoors.
And do I need to mention the impeccable design?

A video from our beautiful tour is on air and you can watch it here.


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