Last night I headed to Grand Palais where the exposition de Christian Boltanski “Personnes”, Monumenta 2010 was held.

Entering this baroque building, as a scene curtain I come across a huge wall of biscuit boxes which in a way represent the hidden preciousness, the sacred, the memories that you must walk along all the way to pass behind it, to discover the installation and swim in it more than visit, have to invest boby and soul with no emergency exit. Lost from the size, I face the ground floor with carpets of clothes and at the back a huge pile of them. I’m instantly caught by the extremely grey-cold atmosphere (warmth-light excluded), by the sound of engines. A theater of cruelty before me and hypnotised I pace among the square carpets of clothes and start listening to sounds of heartbeats, different ones as I walk by, one heartbeat overcome another…cannot continue description.
Just the emotion: L’absence du sujet, la fatalité du destin, le hasard.



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  1. cloam February 12, 2010 / 22:26

    very interesting..wish i could be there to follow your experience..keep on feeding..

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