Mini trip

Brief as it may have been, my trip last weekend on Kea island was exactly what I needed. The sea was great, the food too and my friends are the best in the world. In the photos below that prove my indolence you can spot fresh fish, a Pink Sands bikini that was just added in my summer suitcase, a new grey Te.Pareo for the beach, Korres suncare, details from the beach house and Karthea, a charming hotel built in the late 60s, with great history and an amazing thrifty staircase. ysmf.kea.island
ysmf_korres.suncare.te.pareo ysmf.karthea.hotel.2 ysmf.karthea.hotel.5 ysmf.karthea.hotel ysmf.karthea.hotel.3 ysmf.karthea.hotel.staircase


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