Lindberg is one of those eyewear companies that its work speaks on its own. A true pioneer,
the Danish eyewear label enjoys a reputation for clear, minimalistic designs, true to the tradition of universally cherished Danish design. Both on prescription eyeglasses and sunglasses, each frame is a statement about aesthetics, technical innovation and impeccable craftsmanship, where classic lines and high fashion meets the handmade quality for which Lindberg is known.


What I mostly love about Lindberg is that there’s no mass produced take-it-or-leave-it design. Instead, one can choose the design, the materials and the details one prefers. Each Lindberg frame is individually crafted, customised to one’s particular preferences, hand-finished and individually numbered. They can even have your name discretely written on the inner arm of your pair!

To celebrated its 20-year collaboration with Optical Papadiamantopoulos stores in Greece, a premium Lindberg corner has been especially constructed for the store at Kifissia, where a vast variety of its collection for women, men and kids -you will LOVE those, I promise you- is waiting all design junkies for a sur mesure experience.


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