Fashion Room Service XL

Me and my friends at the biggest Ozon Fashion Rooms Service so far, at Fresh Hotel.
ysmf.ozon.vasilis.konstantoudakis ysmf.somf.mariaflora ysmf.deepshallow.exposition.elizabeth ysmf.ippolito.bags.pavlina ysmf.mimika.ciboyianni.jewels ysmf.mimika.ciboyianni.despina.isopoulou

From top: Somf boys and the ultimate somfette Mariaflora, queen Elisabeth rocking her latest Deepshallow Exposition sunglasses, Pavlina and her color candy Ippolito bags, Mimika Ciboyianni in a garden of her crystal jewelry and yours truly, in a Somf sheer top and skirt, topped by a handmade Mimika necklace.

And the view from the terrace of Fresh Hotel after sunset.

Second photo from the bottom taken by Ioanna Chatziandreou.


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